Unofficial Placeholder Page

The Placeholder Web Page

(formerly called the “Unofficial Website”

Why an unofficial website (placeholder page)? Our  Independent Baptist Web Portal at is a link based database. That is it requires a link for each listing. If I cannot find an existing website for a ministry, I create a simple website with the basic information for a ministry. In the case where a ministry loses a domain for whatever reason, we occasionally go so far as to “rescue” the domain, that is, re-register the domain and rebuild the website (if it is not copyrighted) with old copies of the web pages.

So – we have created a “placeholder” web page for your church and you are wondering what your options are. You have several options available to you. I will try and lay them out, so they are understandable.

You can do nothing!

  • You have a basic web page up, and you now have an internet presence. If the information is correct, you need do nothing else.

You can update the information!

  • If the information is outdated, you can email me and I will update the information.

You can send me content!

  • Send a church bulletin via US Mail

  • Send  pictures, statement of faith, other content for the website to me via DVD, CD or EMAIL attachment (if it is too large email is not a good way to get me the content) and I will update the webpage and take all the banners off the website.

You can update the information yourself!

  • You can create offline content with Apple or an HTML editor. Once content is created you can FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the content to your site.

I can register a domain for you and set you up a free WordPress Website

  • I have registered domains for many churches already, and set up free ministry web pages.  The cost is generally between $9-$14 a year. We do not charge for ANYTHING we do to make sure EVERY Independent Baptist Ministry can establish an online presence. A love offering is greatly appreciated!

There are many other options – we can talk about it.



Some ideas to help get your ministry online